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The Private Tour is simply the Celebrity “Grand Tour” on steroids! Travel into areas restricted to commercial buses and see what other tours don’t show you.

  • Little Tuscany

  • The Mesa

  • Las Palmas

  • Deepwell

  • Twin Palms

  • The interior of the Old Movie Colony

  • All options open with this tour. Completely tailored to your liking and interests with door-to-door services available

  • Be a star and let your guide take the photos of you in front of the homes. 

Create the picture-perfect tour with your guide, taking their experience and your requests, mixing it together for the valley’s hottest celebrity tour. Enjoy the “Valley’s Best Date Shake” compliments of Celebrity Tours.

Private tours are available morning, afternoon, or evening based on vehicle and guide availability. It’s about you. YOUR time, YOUR schedule, YOUR fun! It’s YOUR tour! Please contact us for current pricing.

We also offer larger group tours. No group is to small or to big! From 1 to 1,001 give Celia a call at 760-895-8005 to begin your factually fun journey into Hollywood’s Playground. Fill out our request form down below and we will contact you as soon as possible



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